The Theory Of The Social Learning Theory

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Albert Bandura a Canadian psychologist that was curious to know whether or not humans learn through the actions of others (Berk, 2013, p.14). The social learning theory brings up the question whether, playing violent video games or watching violent films can provoke being violent. Charles Darwin a British naturalist observed an endless change among animal species and plants. He noticed, it’s impossible for an animal to be completely identical as another animal of the same species. Darwin found that early prenatal development is similar in various species, while other scientists doubted Darwin’s theory. This led to a trend focusing on child studies. Stanley Hall and Arnold Gesell both American psychologists, described development as a maturational process. A genetically destined series of events that unravels automatically, like a flower. This led to the normative approach, in that measures of behavior are derived from a sample of people and calculated to generalize a representation in development (Berk, 2013, p.11). Research later sought to figure out individualistic development rather than the general population. Sigmund Freud a Viennese physician constructed the psychosexual theory. It focuses on how parents control their child’s sexual and aggressive drives in their first few years, which is crucial for healthy personality development. The theory has three parts of the personality, id,ego and superego that combine during five stages. Erik Erikson improved Freud’s idea, in…
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