The Theory Of The Social Learning Theory

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The process of integrating one topic with another is an important way for individuals to connect one concept of their life with others, many of which are intertwined before the connection is made by the human brain. This is not something that most are not able to do without an outside influence. Once this is understood, individuals can use these ideas to further connect their critical and creative thinking skill, allowing them to investigate problems, draw conclusions, and evaluate materials using their investigations. All of these add knowledge and push one towards a better intellectual knowledge of others and the world in which you surround yourself. When the knowledge and experiences of an individual are integrated with others, experiences, learning, and hobbies become more enjoyable. This allows one to advance in their interpersonal development and leads them to their personal fulfillment in life. The Social Learning Theory, a concept originally created by Vygotsky, states that learning happens through talk, activities, projects, and that one learns from others (Dieu). One important factor of this is the Zone of Proximal Development. This consists of a low, medium and difficult learning zone, and working at a level of medium difficulty, meaning they know some stuff but are still making mistakes is where one learns best (Dieu). The level at which this is acquired can vary, based on their prior knowledge of the issue, and their willingness to make mistakes. This is what…
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