The Theory Of The Social Work Profession

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retical Perspective The theory that most closely explains and addresses this phenomenon is the ecological theory. In this theory it states that many factors contribute to one main problem. In this case the main issue is poverty. Poverty, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is the lowest possible level that a person can be. In order to move out of this level one must first acquire food, water, shelter and a sense of safety. Programs and policies aimed at solving poverty is that sense of safety. With safety a person may feel comfort in that they know that they can receive their basic needs. Still, factors such as stress, worrying about the termination of these services, and stigma remain which can lead to weight gain, poor mental and…show more content…
Women, minorities and children have been in the forefront of poverty for decades. Although we have made slight changes in how we perceive poverty, race and obesity as a whole, we still have a long way to go in order to de-stigmatize these factors for good.
Factors Contributing To Obesity and Poverty
Limited Resources Limited resources such as transportation, education, and opportunities contribute to obesity and poverty in a big way. Those who lack reliable transportation or money for reliable transportation are limited in where they can go (Lee, 2012), this in turn can result in a sedentary lifestyle in which can lead to obesity. Those who do not have a mode of reliable transportation are not only limited to the amount of places that they can go, but also limited to the amount of groceries, toiletries, and other essentials that they can buy (Lee, 2012). When limited, people often buy cheap, long lasting and if walking or using the bus, lighter weighted foods (Lee, 2012).Lee also states that these individuals may only have access to convenience stores in which lack an array of nutritional food options. A lack of education causes one to greatly limit the amount of jobs in which they can obtain and less chances of receiving a raise. Those who live in impoverished areas also lack opportunities such as attending college, joining activities, and moving up in social class.
Lack of Access to Affordable Healthy Food Options It seems
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