The Theory Of The Solar System

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Over countless decades, we have learned quite a few things the Solar system. From about the sun and how everything orbits around it from the planets and different moons. Even down to the fragments that float around in space. Each of these things is what forms our solar system. Now in earth’s solar system it contains the sun, eight planets which orbits the sun and 166 moons orbiting it the planets. Now you may think we already know this, but do you really know how the solar system was really made? Like why everything is circular in our solar system, or maybe how comets and asteroids came about? Until the mid-1990’s theories of the planetary system formation just focused on our solar system because there was no other model of another planter system to get ideas from. Based on the ages of the oldest meteorites and the age of the earth. Planetary scientists think that the age of the Solar system is 4.6billion years old (Chaisson and McMillian) There are known facts that must stick to any theory of the origin of the solar system. Each planet has its own isolated space to progressively orbit. Each planetary orbit closely describes a perfect circle, the planets lie on the same plane, the planets all orbit the sun in the same direction, clockwise, Planets must rotate on their axis excluding Venus and Uranus, and Most of the moons revolve around their parent planet in the same direction. Our planetary system is very diverse. There are terrestrial planets and Jovian planets. The
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