The Theory Of The Soul

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The concept of the soul has been the subject of storytelling and documentation of what is a person or what makes a person. It appears that there are different explanations of what makes a person that lead to undermining the existence of the soul. For instance, to monist such as John Hick, believe that human beings are a single unity of the body and mind and that the minds existence is dependent on the body. Such argument implies that there cannot be any life after death as the soul and the body are a single unit and one cannot survive without the existence of the other. However, dualists such as Aquinas disagree, as the view that a human person consists of two distinct elements: the mind/soul and the body. The mind/soul is immortal whereas the body is physical. In the quest to unravel any reliable evidence that religion provides to prove the existence of the soul, it seems, it is necessary to evaluate the nature of the soul and attempt to analyse the sources that disapprove of its existence. Further, though the descriptions of the Greek e.g. Plato offer clues to argue for the existence of the soul, his teachings are put across through his account of his teacher Socrates therefore, making it difficult to indicate where Plato’s own teachings starts and Socrates ends. Thus with extensive comprehension of historical opinion throughout the ages, along with cultural responses to his influence, and the many sources on the concept of the soul, it may be possible to reach a coherent…

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