The Theory Of The Unconscious Mind

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Guiding Theory
Question 1
I believe in the existence of the unconscious. Our dreams, beliefs, hidden desires and undiscovered fears all reside there. Individuals are unaware about what resides in the unconscious. I believe that the unconscious plays a roll on influencing some aspects of our life that we can have a difficult time understanding the motive behind it. Exploring the role that the unconscious mind plays is beneficial, but only to a limited extent. I do not believe in making the unconscious a central focus but more of an aid to help uncover the roots of dysfunctional thoughts and behavior.
The most valuable ideals for a person to grow are self-awareness and accountability. Self-awareness is the knowledge of one’s self. It is necessary for individuals to be familiar with themselves and their character. It’s an essential part of growth to be aware of the negative traits that we possess, and awareness is the essential precursor to making a change. Once an individual is aware they are doing something wrong, they are conscious of what is going on within them. The next is accountability, which is the acknowledgement of responsibility for and over oneself. These two ideals are reliant on one another in order for change, or growth, to take place.
A counselor client relationship should always be professional with clear, set boundaries. However, establishing a healthy bond is essential to make the counseling session a safe and secure place for the client. While a counselor…
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