The Theory Of The World

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It has always been difficult to overcome the established schools of thought; whenever a particular school of thought and philosophy is challenged it is the challenger who faces discrimination and hardships. The person who is challenging established philosophy will always have to bring with them conviction, foolproof evidence. It is through rigorous thought and experimentation that many controversial ideas are proven, but what do those who do not have the ability to perform experimentations do when faced with the adversity of systematic dogma. Many of the early philosophers and mathematician faced such dilemmas, one such philosopher was Democritus. Democritus was the Greek philosopher who came up with the concept of the Atom. It was this theory that won him his fame, but because of the stigma against it, the Atom would not be accepted in the scientific community until the 16th century. It wouldn’t be until John Dolton in the 18th century that the theory would receive the attention it deserved.
Democritus was born in 460 B.C.E, in Abdera, a Greek city on the northern coast of the Aegean Sea, though he would travel all over Greece throughout his life. He was born to wealthy family, and was very close to his father. Being born to a rich family, he was able to receive a top education, where he was able to study a number of things, such as Pythagoreanism, a philosophy made by Pythagoras and based around highly structured living and metempsychosis. He studied much of the…
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