The Theory Of Time Travel

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Universe indexing is an interesting theory on how time travellers might avoid the 'Grandfather Paradox '. It does solve a lot of problems time travellers would encounter if other theories were true, and due to this fact is quite popular to debate. Many authors such as Terry Pratchett and Stephen King have used the 'Multiverse Theory ' in their books, and even popular television shows, such as Doctor Who, use it within their narratives. In this essay I will first explain what universe indexing is before actually evaluating it as a theory of time travel. I will argue that it is, in fact, not time travel, it would only feel like it to the time traveller. Universe Indexing is the theory that multiple universes, a lot of them similar to our own, exist, and when a person goes back in time, they travel from one universe to another. This is supposed to present a solution to 'The Grandfather Paradox '. Imagine you found out that when your grandfather died he left all of his inheritance to all of your siblings but excluded you in the will. Angry, you decide to build a time machine, figuring it would be better if neither you nor your siblings exist, rather than they get all the money. You will use this time machine to go back in time and kill your grandfather before your father was conceived, thereby ending the family line and preventing your family 's existence as well as your own. No more money for anyone. The problem is, if you go back in time to kill your grandfather, then you
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