The Theory Of Training And Weight Training

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Another method of training that has shown to be successful in improving acceleration is power and weight training supported by research from (Chelly, 2009). Mansfield athletics club; Thomas; Spinks and Tricoli. The definition of power training is training is most commonly used to develop a muscle group’s ability to contract at maximum force in the shortest amount of time possible (McArdle, Katch & Katch 2015). Weight training is defined as a system of conditioning involving lifting weights especially for strength and endurance (Merriam and Webster 2015). Power is important to acceleration as the runner’s feet are in contact with the floor for longer than if they were at full speed and so more power is needed to create movement and quickly (Mansfield athletics club 2012). Research, by Mohamed Souhaiel Chelly (2009), showed the effect of back squat and other forms of power training over a 2 months period (twice a week) on acceleration and other forms of explosive movements by football players. They found that in the first 5 meters in a 40m sprint the velocity of the players improved after using the power training techniques. This is specific to junior soccer players and so may not be specific to other sports or those of different athletic standards. In the book ‘strength and power in sport’, it is noted by the author (Latif Thomas 2010) that “The use of training methods involving, maximal and near maximal contractions, cause a remarkable increase in RFD accompanied by an

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