The Theory Of Virtue Ethics

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The function of this paper is to determine why and how three members of the cast in the videos “RPG Embedded in Soldier” made the choices they did in relation to the groups of values that are commonly found within the theory of virtue ethics. In short, virtue ethics stresses being an inherently good person versus simply doing good actions. This means that a virtuous person will typically choose the right action simply because it is the natural thing for them to do. Applying this concept to the video will help to further ascertain why the individuals in the video acted the way they did. Moreover, to back the concepts and claims made in this paper specific examples shall be cited from the video clip. As a result, this paper shall contain both concepts contained within virtue ethics and examples from the media piece. Criteria: - Three virtues shall be assigned to each of the chosen cast members based upon the viewpoints they expressed and actions they made - These virtues shall come from the categories: conscientiousness, benevolence, self-discipline, and self-assertion (with respect to others) - Using these virtues and specific examples from the clip, reasons as to why and how they conducted themselves shall be given The Three Chosen Cast Members in Question: - The pilot who violated military policy by flying the wounded soldier to the hospital - The sergeant who helped the doctor perform the surgery to remove the RPG - And the medic who was there when the solder was

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