The Theory Old Age Is The Last Stage Of Human Development

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Abstract The constant change that characterizes our society has redefined the meaning of getting old. People live longer lives. In the coming years there will be a drastic increase in the aging population in our country. This increase will demand health care professionals that can meet the basic needs of this population. Gerontological social work focuses on the needs of the elderly. The job of geriatric social workers is to help the elderly to have a more satisfactory life and to help them to actively participate in society. Gerontological Social Work goal is to fully integrate the social, spiritual and health related needs of the elderly, as well as improving the social welfare system for this population. Introduction In Erickson’s developmental theory old age is the last stage of human development. According to Erickson, during this stage the task of a person is to keep a sense of integrity vs. a sense of despair. The aging process varies from person to person. The quality of life of a person in this developmental stage depends on cultural factors, economic and social factors. The aging process is a complex process. A person who is aging experiences several changes such as: physiological changes, biological changes, cognitive changes and socioeconomic and social changes. This changes can be overwhelming for some individuals, if they do not have the proper resources and support they need to face and understand the changes that they are undergoing. In recent years,
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