The Theory, Organizational Behaviors, And The Interconnectedness Of Employees

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A learning organization is one that is able to transform its culture and behaviors from an occurred situation. This includes the organization realizing a repeated pattern of behaviors that is not growing or helping the organization in the right direction. When organizations admit to certain truths or facts and acknowledge flawed behaviors, then change can start. Organizations attempt to change by restructuring and reorganizing the company. Organizations learn only through individuals who learn. Individual learning does not guarantee organizational learning but, without it no organizational learning occurs’ (Senge 1990). Senge believed once an organization was in need of changing patterns to create desired results systems theories is…show more content…
Organizations must reflect on the structure employees have to operate in and ensure it is conducive to the image of a learning organization. People need the tools and guidance to understand the situation and the newly created conditions. In order to reinvent yourself or the organization it will require stepping out of our comfort zones for a learning organization to survive. This concept refers to adaptive learning, which is necessary for the organization. However, adaptive learning is linked to generative learning, learning that enriches our aptitude to create. Achieving a new culture and environment involves understanding three kinds of stress - discomfort, performance, and disjunctive. Discomfort - complexity and uncertainty of its environment, resource constraints and difficulty securing finances, material, and workers. Performance - expectations for success/failure related to experiences, incentives, changes in preferences of leaders. Disjunctive - violations of norms regarding need for coordination and tolerance for conflict between and among individuals and subgroups (pg85). The foundation for a learning organization requires transformation from both individuals and organizations. One of the biggest challenges that must be overcome in any organization is to identify and breakdown the ways people reason defensively. Until then, change can never be
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