The Theory The Wife 's Decision

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In this situation, called “Posthumous Publication,” the theory the wife seems to be utilizing is the consequentialism that has many different theories with it. One of those theories in this family is the act utilitarianism. According to Shafer-Landau “an action is morally right if and only if it does more to improve overall well-being than any other action you could have done in the circumstance,” (p 115). The wife was trying to improve the happiness of the literary community by having the writings published, So the question remains did the wife’s actions improve overall well-being under these circumstances? Even though it can be seen as a positive thing, but there are some bad that can come out of the wife’s decision. John Wesley had a philosophy on life. According to Shafer-Landau “It requires us to move beyond egoistic concerns, and focus on improving the lives of others, as well as our own,” (p 112). Wesley was talking about consequentialism where a person’s actions are “morally required” (p114), to be able to produce the best results. To be able to produce the best results the wife would first have to weigh all her options. To weigh her options, the consequentialism five steps is what Wallace’s wife might have asked herself to make an informed decision. The first step in this process ‘identify what is worth having for its own sake,” (Shafer-Landau, p 114). The wife might have asked herself if there was any value in Wallace’s writings. The value is priceless to the
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