The Theory Used For This Particular Family

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5. The theory used for this particular family really depends on what was revealed during the assessment. Based on what Sally stated, her family’s weekly schedule is “fairly hectic”, which could make attending regular therapy sessions difficult for everyone. If that is the case, they may benefit from a brief, solution-focused treatment during which the therapist will work with the family to examine alternatives/solutions to their presenting problems as opposed to the underlying root(s) of the issue (Trepper, et al., n.d.). While this modality is not ideal, it would at least provide them with an opportunity to amplify their strengths and resources, which will assist them towards finding a solution to their issue(s). If the family has more time, a more in-depth therapy such as Structural Family Therapy (SFT) would be beneficial. SFT, created by Salvador Minuchin, focuses on how families are organized and what rules govern their transactions. According to Minuchin, a family 's functionality is based on the how well they adapt to stressors (extra-familial, personal, and/or developmental) and their ensuing creation of subsystem boundaries. Minuchin believed that boundaries are characterized along a continuum from enmeshed to semi-diffuse, to permeable, to rigid (Lappin, 1988). Minuchin noted that the family subsystems - as discussed earlier - are characterized by a hierarchy of power, typically with the parental-subsystem at the top (Minuchin, Lee, & Simon, 1996). This…
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