The Theory Was Introduced By Stella Ting Toomey

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 The theory was introduced by Stella Ting Toomey in 1985, a professor of human communication at California State University.
 It states about the careful and imaginative administration of passionate dissatisfactions because of social or ethnic gathering enrollment character contrasts.
 Negotiating is the to convince people around them to the point they need.
 Negotiation doesn’t mean arguing or creating the point we like. It’s a discussion between people creating an agreement between them which is acceptable by both parties.
NEGOTIATION The Art of Negotiation
 Negotiation -“the art of making them take our method.”  Our Task -To recognize and mould your opponent’s perceived decisions, so that the opponent choose in their own concern something that you also need.
 The term conflict is termed to be a dispute that arise between two individuals that create a differences making them break their relation.
 In any dispute, we just have to make negotiation to sort out the problem. Anyway, maintaining a good relation and getting a mutual benefit is the major criteria.
 There are two kinds of people- collectivist and individualist.
 Collectivist people try to solve conflicts in a compromising and accommodating way.
 Individualistic people try to solve conflicts in a competing and aggressive way. NEGOTIATION STYLES
Compete (I win - You lose)
Competitive style Negotiators seek after their own

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