The Theory X Does Work And Theory Y Has No Room Here People

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The Purpose of Study: In Pakistan, there is a general belief that Theory X does work and Theory Y has no room here people are neither willing to put more efforts in their work nor they are not engaged into their Jobs and eventually it is causing a lot of waste of human capital which is considered as the major root cause of low employee performance. In order to motivate the employees, their job work should be designed in such a way that they would find meaning in their work which ultimately will increase their productivity. Introduction: According to a survey (Flade, 2003) over 80% of the UK workforce are currently lacking any real commitment in their jobs. Peters (1994) recognized that there was a huge potential reserve of energy and commitment in organizations which could be released by making “meaning for people” and highlighted the fact that people desperately need meaning in their lives and will sacrifice a great deal to institutions that will provide this meaning for them. Human capital is what differentiates every organization because in this competitive world where money is no more a constraint for many organizations all the competition relies on the capabilities and productivity of their work force so the development of human capital and getting the optimum results from employees is the ultimate goals of several organizations and existing literature says that when people find meaning into their work, they become more obsessed with it and their productivity

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