Essay about The Theory of Dark Flow

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Imagine a mystical, invisible influential power, pulling our galaxy far, far away from where it should be. Imagine the milky way being pulled millions and millions of km away. The planets pulled far apart from each other. This would ensure a certain demise of current life forms, forever changing our world. This is the effect of dark flow. Fortunately this appears to be occurring in distant galaxies, however observations have concluding our galaxy is too being pulled away in a specific direction. This highlights the essentiality of more research being conducted upon this unexplained force.

Good Morning class, today my chosen topic is the term dark flow.

Now dark flow is a basically a term used to explain astronomical observations,
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Therefore this formula states that the two galaxy clusters force of gravity between them should remain proportional when divided their combined masses and squaring the distance between the galaxy clusters from their centre point. When analysing the data results, this is shown to be inaccurate, the gravitational force not remaining inversely proportional, instead appearing as too little for the force that is being observably exuded. Therefore, scientists have decided upon alternate explanations for where the additional force is coming from, causing the galaxy clusters accelerated movement. (Newtons Law of Universal Gravity, 2001).

So far there are two separate theories explaining the data showing ‘dark flow’. The first analysis of this data was conducted in 2008, by Alexa Kashlinsky of NASA's Goddard Space Flight centre and his team. The acceleration trend observed when analysis was conducted upon a satellites image of the cosmic microwave background. Cosmic microwave background meaning defined as radiation that leaked outwards into the universe after the big bang. Abnormal movement was investigated among the motion of the galaxies speed, in comparison to the radiation. It was found to not match up, leading to the discovery of dark flow, and the differing theories to explain it. The first theory suggests that "chunks of matter" were accelerated
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