The Theory of Planned Behavior

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The Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA)
TRA posits that individual behaviour is driven by behavioural intentions where behavioural intentions are a function of an individual's attitude toward the behaviour and subjective norms surrounding the performance of the behaviour. Attitude toward the behaviour is defined as the individual's positive or negative feelings about performing a behaviour. It is determined through an assessment of one's beliefs regarding the consequences arising from a behaviour and an evaluation of the desirability of these consequences. Formally, overall attitude can be assessed as the sum of the individual consequence x desirability assessments for all expected consequences of the behaviour. Subjective norm is defined
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Subjective Norms (about the behaviour)
Subjective norms are a persons own estimate of the social pressure to perform the target behaviour. Subjective norms are assumed to have two components which work in interaction: beliefs about how other people, who may be in some way important to the person, would like them to behave (normative beliefs). Perceived behavioural control
Perceived behavioural control is the extent to which a person feels able to enact the behaviour. It has two aspects: how much a person has control over the behavior and how confident a person feels about being able to perform or not perform the behaviour. It is determined by control beliefs about the power of both situational and internal factors to inhibit or facilitate the performing of the behaviour.
Direct measures and indirect (belief-based) measures
With the exception of behaviour, the variables in the TPB model are psychological (internal) constructs. Each predictor variable may be measured directly e.g. by asking respondents about specific behavioural beliefs and outcome evaluations.
Direct and indirect measurement approaches make different assumptions about the underlying cognitive structures and neither approach is perfect.
When different methods are tapping the same construct, scores are expected to be positively correlated, so it is recommended that both be included in TPB
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