The Therapeutic Relationship And Interpersonal Relationships

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It appears that for Jack, a major issue in both the therapeutic relationship and his interpersonal relationships is his tendency to utilize splitting based defense/coping mechanisms. When the interactions between Jack and Al and Jack and his therapist are mentioned, it is apparent that Jack tends to split. He feels that Al is completely against him and out to take advantage of him. He is also unable to consider things from Al’s point of view in order to better understand the reality of the situation. Another instance of this splitting behavior is noted when Jack accuses the therapist of stringing him along simply for more money and considers him on Al’s “side”. In fact the therapist noted that Jack believed that he was either completely on his side or completely against him. Furthermore in his interactions with his therapist, Jack seems to project his emotions and feelings outward. Although it was clear that Jack was the angry one, he accused the therapist of being angry with him. (Defense mechanism notes, and pg 280) Related to his habit of utilizing splitting based defense mechanism, is Jack’s faulty assumptions and errors in thinking. From the information provided, it appears that he tends to rely on all-or-nothing concepts, specifically in his relationship to his mother. He recalled that he felt as though he needed to whatever his mother wanted him to otherwise he would become a disappointment to her. Furthermore, he erroneously believes that other people must treat him…
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