The Therapeutic Relationship Is Important Part Of Effective Counseling Essay

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I never knew so many different theories were used in the counseling profession. It was very interesting to be able to learn about each theory and maybe see how I connected more to some theories and not to all. I have realized and learned from this class that it is not sufficient to be merely a good person with good intentions. If you really want to be a good counselor you have to be able to learn a lot, research a lot and practice a lot. It can be challenging at times, but it will be rewarding in the end. It is very important to understand that the therapeutic relationship is an important part of effective counseling. The therapist as a person in a very important part of the effectiveness of the treatment. There is no correct theory to use, it all depends on the client, their problem and the best approach to be able to help them. This is why it is important to have a multicultural perspective and be able to combine more than one theory at the time for the best results. Narcross & Beutler (2011) agreed that the strength of having several theories together is a very good counseling approach, the strength of integrating the theory is based on the ability of the counselor to be taught, replicate and evaluate. Counselors need to be open to the idea that these theories can be connected in some ways and be willing to test them out to see how they are working. Every counselor can identify with one theory, but some might want to use some parts of another theory in order to make
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