The Therapist's Skills At This Point Are Still Novice And Developing

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D. Self-Evaluation: The therapist’s interviewing skills at this point are still novice and developing. Although the therapist may be strong with his ability to stay connected with the client and reflect feelings, he still would need to improve his language with his questions to be more concise and clear. For the treatment plan, the therapist lacks real world experience and also has limited understanding with insurance companies and how they dictate the amount of sessions a client could schedule. Furthermore, the therapist lacks experience with utilizing his preferred theory and how to adapt it to potential clients. Although the theory suites will with the therapist’s style and understanding of therapy, there are still further understanding and application that is needed. Concerning cultural formulation, the therapist feels that is his current greatest strength. The therapist has spent substantial time with individual of different culture, socioeconomic and sexual orientation backgrounds. Additionally, the therapist is constantly looking to become more educated and immured with different aspects of his own minority culture along with the cultures of others in the United States. This is reflected in the therapist cultural formulations and sessions with his clients. Also, with this understand of individual difference and hardships, the therapist can show genuine empathy for his clients. The therapist has the understanding that although the client may have different religious

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