The Therapy, Attachment Theory And Cognitive Theory

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This eclectic plan will incorporate three theoretical approaches, which include the solution focused therapy, attachment theory and cognitive theory. The plan is going to be made up of four therapy sessions each will be an hour long. The four sessions are designed to help Andrew overcome his depressive state and to help him develop coping mechanisms for himself. • In the first session, the therapist will be combining both attachment and cognitive theory. • The session will begin with an intake and assessment where the therapist will gain insight on who the client is and what their situation is through the process of asking questions. • From this, the therapist will use the attachment approach where the therapist will tie in the intake and assessment with the Adult Attachment Interview. It consists of a semi structured interview, which will consist of asking Andrew to describe his childhood relationships to his parents with examples of significant events (Textbook). The questions are geared toward possible experiences of rejection, being hurt, upset or any other experiences that may had a negative impact on Andrew (Textbook). By doing this, it will help Andrew understand how his relationship with his parents as a child might help explain his difficulty with expressing emotions. From gaining this understanding, it can help him move forward and start thinking about how he start to form more positive attachments. • Before the end of the first session, the therapist will touch
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