The Therapy : Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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As identified above the approach I used in my placement was Cognitive behavioural therapy. In this section of the learning journal I will discuss the appropriateness of CBT in working with this client group. I will begin by discussing my learning from attending the Men’s support group. I will then use examples from these men’s narratives to identifying where I see the benefits of a CBT approach. Common Therapeutic factors such as The importance of Unconditional positive regard will be discussed as element that is essential to the development of the therapeutic relationship. It will also be identified in the FAMILIES’ service provides interventions to individuals who are experiencing a range of difficult emotions following their separation these include disbelief shock, fear, anger, a sense of powerlessness and often a profound sense of loss. In my experience of attending the Men’s support Group and listening to the men’s stories highlighted ongoing issues associated with their separation these included financial strain associated with division of assets, finding accommodation, court attendance, ongoing communication difficulties with x-partners and contact with their children. The men described the experience of separation and the impact of this loss in every domain of their lives including loss of family unit, identity as a father and partner, loss of future self, plans hopes, dreams. The change in their involvement in their children’s lives seem to be the most
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