The, There Flying The Stars And Stripes

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Lt. Perez quickly contacted CSM Valliant via radio, “AG60DF this is NBR452G be advised we have unidentified elements we estimate two clicks north of our location, over.” “NBR452G roger that, we’ll be there in two mikes, out.” Sergeant Major Valliant had the rest of the convoy proceed to the Transportation museum to secure it and determine if there was anything of value in it. He pulled up next to Lt. Perez’s Humvee and saw the Lieutenant standing outside the Humvee, next to it, on the crest of the hill, with the binoculars pressed to his eyes. “What’ve you got?” asked Sergeant Major Valliant. “Not sure Sergeant Major. I see what looks like three Humvees with two Bradley’s, there flying the Stars and Stripes.” “Well isn’t that interesting.” Stated the Sergeant Major lifting his own binoculars and peering north to see the approaching vehicles. “Lieutenant why don’t you head back down to the museum and let General Cook know what’s going on, I’d suggest getting a perimeter set up as quickly as possible with everything we got. No telling what these folks are up to. Hard to imagine they’re out here by themselves. I’m heading down to talk to them and see what they got to say. Tell the General if I’m not back in say….fifteen – twenty minutes could he send help…it’d be appreciated.” “Will do Sergeant Major.” Said Lieutenant Perez. “We’ll see you when we see you.” The Lieutenant hopped back into his Humvee and headed to the museum as fast as he could. He knew the…

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