The Thin Blue Line Directed By Errol Morris

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What Is the Truth “Our need to believe what we want to believe is stronger than our need for the truth.” I agree with this quote based on personal experience. The movie, The Thin Blue Line directed by Errol Morris, is an example of believing in what we want rather than the truth. Randall Adams a wrongly convicted man, David Harris a criminal let off the hook, and people such as Marshall Touchton and Melvyn Carson Bruder gives support to this belief. Randall Adams is the epitome of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Randall met David when he needed a ride to go get gas, he did not however imagine that he would unintentionally be set up for murder. “I kept telling them what happened and they didn’t want to believe me” Randall said. David shot a police officer and killed him and then blamed it on Randall. When eye witnesses described a man that looked like Randall and David knew he could get away with the crime. To me none of the eye witnesses were very trustworthy, but when that’s the only thing you have to go on then you have to take what you can get. This relates to a recent tragedy that happened in my family. My cousin, Ronnie, was accused of raping his step daughter Shyanne. No one believed him except for the people that matter like the jury and the judge. Shyanne somehow got all of the court to believe her based on her statement and with the help of her grandparents who believed her. I do not think there was much evidence in the case but statements from the

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