The Thin Ideal Is Being Pushed On Children

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Now that it has been proven that the thin ideal is being pushed on children, children as young as 5, one should know the possibly consequences of its exposure. When children are constantly being shown one certain ideal, it soon becomes internalize, which leads to behaviors that often go unnoticed by parents. While these behaviors may seem harmless at first glance, they can be part of a bigger unhealthier problem. In a study were young girls played with dolls with different body proportions, and then were given snacks to eat, this was the result, “they ate less food when they played with the thin dolls than when they played with the average sized doll.” (Anschutz et al) The girls were left alone with snacks, and were encouraged to eat them…show more content…
Clearly people have begun to more active, but more has to be done. Parents should get together and be more involved with the type of media they expose their young girls and boys to. In the world of social media, smart phones, and the Internet, there are now more ways than ever for companies to push dangerous imagery towards children. Toys and dolls are not the only way for a child to be targeted, and parents need restrict what their children are exposed to. It is impossible to shield ones child to everything, but watching what toys you buy them, and what kind of media they watch at home is a good way to start. Promoting body positivity and healthier body images are ways to stop your kids from developing eating disorders, and self esteem issues later in life. “Parents play a huge role in shaping how kids think and feel about their bodies. Starting to bolster kids ' body image early, even in preschool, can make a big difference in how kids feel about themselves as they grow up.” (Filucci) Teaching young children how media can be manipulative can be a very important way to help them avoid internalizing harmful imagery, such as the thin ideal. Communities should demand media illiteracy be taught in middle schools and even elementary schools. One should not have to wait until they are in high school or college to learn about the dangerous tactics that are used in the media, to indoctrinate the public. We know that children can
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