The Thing Around Your Neck Character Analysis

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All throughout history, women are downplayed as weak, pliable, not useful other than for being a housewife and having children. Additionally, having to cater to not making a man feel emasculated. Nevertheless the women in this book, The Thing Around Your Neck, have demonstrate otherwise that women are better than what people commend them for. The book consist of numerous different narrative stories that are regarding different women and how the author, Ngozi Adichie, reveals their power. Although men/society considers women as fragile, these stories demonstrates that women are more capable of doing numerous task men would not believe they are viable of doing. One example is with the story “imitation”, a woman named Nkem is married, but she lives in America with her children while her husband lives in Lagos. Whenever he plans to visit her and their children, she would assemble her appearance for him. She would put a relaxer in her hair and style it “the way Obiora like” as well as shaving her pubic hair (Adichie 27). However, she starts to not perform those tasks. Obiora was coming to visit again, but this time she did not “[wax] her pubic hair” or clean up her outer appearance (Adichie 38). This clarifies how she gains control of her life because at first she was trying to get her husband back by pleasing. However, she starts to realize that she is the only person she needs to please. Another reason is because of how she tells Obiora that her as well as their children will be returning back to Lagos and they are all going to live there. Once she says this Obiora did not know how to act, but stare at her. He “has never heard her speak up, never heard her take a stand” (Adiche 41). This shows that she obtained control because she finally voiced her opinion to Obiora. Furthermore, she does not allow him to convince her to not behave the way she wants to behave. “The thing around your neck” is also an example, a young adult named Akunna gets a chance to come to America. When she came, she stayed with her uncle, a few days later he tries to push up on her and she is contemplating if she should allow him to since he helped her come to America and a few women would allow him to. She runs away to Connecticut instead

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