The Thing Around Your Neck

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YWCA Indianapolis P.O. Box 40264 Indianapolis, IN 46240 T: 317-250-8593 EM: Questions for “The Thing Around Your Neck” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Cell One 1. What were your thoughts on this first story about the spoiled boy, Nnamabia who stole from neighbors and his own family and always got himself out of whatever jam he was in? 2. Why do you think his family let him get away with such actions for so long? Could you tell they treated boys differently than girls? Do we have examples of such in our own lives. 3. What do you think about the subtle wording about how those that were stealing from around the campus grew up watching Sesame Street, reading Enid Blyton, eating cornflakes, attending…show more content…
Better reasons because of need? (Such a good tie in to the YWCA and empowerment of women). 9. What did you think about the line “Obiora continues to stare at her and she knows that he has never heard her speak up, never heard her take a stand. She wonders vaguely if that is what attracted him to her in the first place, that she deferred to him, that she let him speak for both of them”? 10. Did she show empowerment at the end? Do you think she was going to get what she wanted? However, what was she going to lose or was she really loosing anything important? A Private Experience 1. What struck you while you read this short story about Chika? 2. Think about how this all started because a man drove over a copy of the Holy Koran that lay on the roadside, a man who was Igbo and Christian and men who were Muslim pulled him out and cut his head off with a machete. 3. All around them hatred, killing and fear because of religion, yet during these times, these two women can come together even though they are of the feuding religions. Do you experience such things in your life? a. People have different opinions about politics, church, lifestyles, yet we still have to get along. YWCA Indianapolis P.O. Box 40264 Indianapolis, IN 46240 T: 317-250-8593 EM: 4. Did you catch her statement about denying reality and the comparison to how the huge popularity in blond hair attachments
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