The Thing Around Your Neck Short Story

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Women of power are everywhere, in every country across the globe, and they all have their own stories. Adichie tells stories of strong women in all of her stories in The Thing Around Your Neck, who are all in unique different situations, but are connected through their ties to Nigeria. As either locals in Nigeria, or immigrants from Nigeria, the women portrayed in the stories have rituals and restrictions that connect their characters-even when their story takes place across the globe from one another. Through these stories, Adichie is able to convey struggles of cultural expectations, how women are affected by men in these situations, and how women are affected by their relationships with other women. Chimamanda Adichie represents these women as strong human beings, showing their unique struggles they face with gender throughout many of her short stories. Many of the women in Adichie’s short stories have personal struggles with power, a recurring event these women face through harassment. In “Jumping Monkey Hill,” Ujunwa a woman from Lagos in this story is at an African Writers Workshop outside of Cape Town, during this short story Ujunwa just lost her job, because she wouldn’t put up with her boss’s harassment. As a writer, Ujunwa writes a story that in the end is about herself, a woman who is harassed in the workplace that gets out and leaves the mistreatment. Ujunwa has been invited to a writing conference, because she is one of the best, but Adichie uses this
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