The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essay

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An Emotional Toll The Vietnam War was the largest, most prolonged military conflict for the United States of America in world history, besides the recent war in Afghanistan. Many Vietnam veterans have written books and novels about their experiences, however, Tim O’Brien, an American who was drafted into the Vietnam war and an American writer, has written numerous books about his war experiences. In particular, Tim O’Brien’s novel The Things They Carried, tells all his experiences in detail about the war, what it was like, and his friends he made because of the war. He reflects his feelings through war stories that are difficult to grasp as “true”. The Things They Carried depicts that the young soldiers had a bigger burden besides the heavy weight of their required SOP, or Standard Operating Procedure of luggage. O’Brien’s novel shows us his friends and his own personal experiences of love, hurt, friendship, and war and how they affect them emotionally and psychologically today, through the use storytelling and recalling flashbacks in their journey as soldiers in Vietnam at the time of war. Short story after short story, true or seem to be true, O’Brien demonstrates how hurt invaded each young soldier, and how difficult it was for each of them and together as a unit to get used to the environment and harshness of Vietnam. It was hard to cope with the war so the soldiers would joke about how their friends’ corpses look, rather than to deal with the brutality of death. For
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