The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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“Tim O’Brien is obsessed with telling a true war story. O 'Brien 's fiction about the Vietnam experience suggest, lies not in realistic depictions or definitive accounts. As O’Brien argues, absolute occurrence is irrelevant because a true war story does not depend upon that kind of truth. Mary Ann’s induction into genuine experience is clearly destructive as well as empowering” (p.12) Tim O’s text, The Things they Carried, details his uses of word choice to portray his tone and bias. Tim O’Brien uses Martha to represents the idea of home and all it attendant images. He also uses letters and quotes to convey his image. Despite the fact that women assume a little part in The Things They Carried, it is a critical one. The Female characters Martha, Mary Anne Bell, and Kathleen Cross all affect the lives of the soldiers . Tim O’Brien uses the female role to portray his view and thoughts on his true war story which depict the lack of morality.
The character Martha in The Things They Carried was used to display the innocence and safety of home. Martha and Jimmy Cross wrote letters back and forth but never spoke about war. Tim O’Brien writes “She belonged to another world, which was not quite real.”(p. 17) to imply that Martha doesn 't love Jimmy but more as a friend who’s disconnected from war. Jimmy burns Martha’s letter later in the book to indicate how he 's been exposed to too much in war. He was using Martha as an escape from all the horrifying events. Marta letter’s are
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