The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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“Fear is a term used to show and express one’s stressful emotions which are provoked by threat of immediate danger, evil, or pain; fear is the threat that can be real or imagined, and a feeling or condition of being afraid” ( The men in the Vietnam War felt this fear every single day and second they were on foot in Vietnam. War is an incredible mystery that many civilians and everyday ordinary people will never understand. The fear of death lurking around every corner, knowing that any second your life can end in a flash. The fact you are killing and ending someone else’s life for a reason you may fully not understand is truly a terrible thought to imagine. Realizing there was nowhere to hide or run, not knowing when death will be coming is the true fear of it all that many wanted not to experience firsthand. In the novel The Things They Carried: A Work of Fiction, Tim O’Brien unfolds the story of young men, himself, and the unforgiving truth about the draft, who among many resisted and dodged the Vietnam War are told through experiences and stories in the novel. Vietnam War goes down to be one of the most traumatic wars in American history. Among many of the American citizens have argued about the real reason and cause for the start of the Vietnam War. John Prados states what he believes to be the true cause of the Vietnam War was done solely by the hands of one important president. “President John F. Kennedy got the United States into the Vietnam War by
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