The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien And Araby By James Joyce

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The idea of love towards a girl is interpreted in a mixture of feelings. In both pieces of literature “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien and “Araby” by James Joyce. The authors portray the lives of two individuals who are in love. The idea of love concerning a girl and expectations on being with this girl they love. The authors in both texts demonstrate too us that love can be very hopeful, but it can emotionally and mentally change us. The authors assert to the reader attention in the literature “Araby” and “ The Things They Carried” that love can be hopeful but it blinds us. Looking back to the text in “The Things They Carried” it about a young lieutenant named Jimmy Cross at war during the Vietnam War. Lieutenant Jimmy is incapable of focusing on the war for the so far reason of his constants thoughts of the girl he loves Martha. Jimmy Cross relies on his love for Martha as an escape from war, this mean that his ability to perform as a leader and his soldierly duties becomes forgotten. In “Araby” is about a boy that is love sick for a girl which he has never had a conversation with. The young boy in”Araby” every morning he lays on the floor in the front parlour watching the door of the girl he love sick for. The boy leaves aside his play time with his friends just to seek upon the girl that gives him butterflies and makes his eyes glow. In both pieces of literature the authors portrays to the reader attention hopes, desire and the bright side and

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