The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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Tim O’Brien is a veteran from of the Vietnam War, and after coming home from his duty he decided to be a writer. His work “The Things They Carried” is about a group of soldiers that are fighting in the Vietnam War. The first part of the story talks mostly about physical items that each soldier carries, and also mentions the weight of the items as well. Though, there is one exception to the list of physical things. Lieutenant Cross is a character of the story, and Tim O’ Brien quickly states the how the lieutenant carries letters of a girl he loves. Her name is Martha a girl that obviously does not feel the same for Lieutenant Cross. After talking about the odd relationship between Martha and Lieutenant Cross, the writer goes back to…show more content…
Many of his sentences seem to be short and abrupt. Then at other times they can be extraordinarily long. The next structure of Tim O’ Brien’s style that is unique from other writers is his use of dialogue. Without using any quotation marks, he makes the conversation between two people harder to follow. The dialogue between soldiers starts “Moral?
You know. Moral?” (106). This is just a way that the author makes his short story different from all the others, and tries to follow the military theme. Characterization in “The Things They Carried” is shown by the objects that each man carries. Ted Lavender carries a massive amount of dope, and this shows his true fear of the war. Lieutenant Cross carries letter from his sweetheart back home. Maybe this shows the romantic side of a traveling soldier or maybe it shows a lonely homesick man. Henry Dobbins carries a outrageous weight of ammunition around his waist. These shows a man that is afraid, but makes himself feel safer with a bullet by his side. Jenson was kind of the odd guy, because he had extra personal hygiene products in his bag. Kiowa can be the religious and traditionalist man of the group. For the story says about him “Kiowa, a devout Baptist, carried an illustrated New Testament that had been presented to him by his father” (102). Kiowa also carries an item
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