The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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Often times, we feel we deal with the weight of so many burdens. We feel overwhelmed and aren’t able to do anything about it. But unlike our minor situations faced daily that we feel is weighing down on us, there are many veterans who would love to have it as good as we do. Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried discusses many veterans who experience the burden of shame and guilt daily due to their heroic actions taken during the Vietnam War. The book shows you how such a war can change a man before, during, and after it’s over. As I reflect on the many conflicts America has been a part of, none can compare to the tragedies that occurred in The Vietnam war. As told in The Things They Carried (O’Brien), characters such as Norman Bowker and the author Tim O’Brien, who fought in The Vietnam War, experienced these tragedies first hand. When released to go home from war, they carried with them burdens of shame and guilt due to the horrific duties they had to take part in while fighting, and also dealing with the hard fact that they had to leave many who weren’t as lucky behind. In the book, O’Brien talks a lot about how people deal with the burdens put onto them compared to others. Norman Bowker unfortunately wasn’t able to deal with the burden that The Vietnam War casted upon him. Shortly after war in fact Norman Bowker committed suicide at the place where he was working at the time. Tim O’Brien talks about a letter he received from Norman just before he chose to
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