The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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Jace Marzan Instructor Kucera English 100 15 July 2015 Mary Anne The Things They Carried is a war story based on the Vietnam War. One story the author, Tim O 'Brien tells is the story of Mary Anne, Mark Fossie’s childhood sweetheart. Mary Anne’s curiosity allows her to acquire knowledge about Vietnam’s culture and language. She wants to learn about Vietnam, the war and what they do. She also isn’t afraid and is eager to aid the casualties. One night she goes out on an ambition with the Green Berets, and the next day she and Fossie become engaged. Eventually she disappears for 3 weeks only to arrive at the special forces hut, and when seen Mary Anne is wearing the same outfit as before, but with a necklace of human tongues around her neck. She says what happened isn’t bad. In the end, she crossed to the other side never coming back, becoming one with the land. Mary Anne symbolizes war soldiers going through the war getting consumed by the darkness of the war. She was this peppy, happy girl who wanted to visit her boyfriend, Mark Fossie. She would not want to learn how to shoot or wear a necklace with tongues when she first visits. Then, she started changing her appearance, attitude when she began to hang out more with Greenies and learned how to fight and shoot. She lost her innocence and herself because she is not the same girl as she was when she first visited Mary Anne was in Vietnam during the war which “had the effect of a powerful drug [..] she wanted more, she
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