The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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According to, historical fiction is defined as movies or books that have stories that are made up, but are set in the past and borrows things from that time period. A story that fits this genre of literature is The Things They Carried. The story is about Tim O 'Brien, a Vietnam veteran from the Unite States, who tells stories about what had happened when he and his team were stationed in Vietnam. He also talks about what he felt about the war when he was drafted and what he tried to do to avoid going to fight in Vietnam. The Things They Carried by Tim O 'Brien was precise with its portrayal of setting, conflict, and characterization in this Vietnam set historical novel.
Tim O 'Brien recreated the setting of the Vietnam War through the description of the draft notice, war battle location, and a movie title from that time period. “The draft notice arrived on June 17, 1968” (O 'Brien 39). The Vietnam War is happening when Tim gets a draft notice to enter the war, but he doesn’t want to enter that way because he doesn’t believe that it’s a war that should involve the United States. The Vietnam War with “U.S. involvement reached its peak in 1968-1969…” (“Vietnam”). O 'Brien describes a location in Vietnam that he was at and is near the South China Sea. “... took fire from a filthy little village along the South China Sea” (O 'Brien 213). Tim is near the South China Sea when he and his team took fire from a village along it. Vietnam is next to the South China
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