The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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Tim O’Brien effectively uses a literary medium to artistically portray the drastically altered realities of men whose lives have been impacted by the experiences of their loyal service to their country. Within the novel The Things They Carried, the reader is exposed to unknown taboo recollections of war tales in which the protagonist and sub characters cannot remove from memory. Moreover, The Things They Carried acts as a medium for the long kept emotional distress of the author and even the protagonist. Throughout the novel the protagonist expresses the perpetual need to share his surreptitious memories and relive his experiences as a soldier in the war as a form of cleansing from the events of the past and a need to conform to…show more content…
From his experience as a newspaper reporter, O’Brien was able to quickly develop his writing skills which paved his way into the field of fiction publications. Currently in his career, Tim O’Brien serves as a visiting professor at the University of Southwest Texas State where he teaches creative writing and is also a member of the advisory board for Ridenhour Prizes. Moreover, the Vietnam War, in which Tim O’Brien was drafted into, was a desperate American struggle against the spread of Communism. Occurring during the Cold War era, America struggled with the Soviet Union in an event called the “Red Scare” which was a phase of the quickly spreading Communist government. In Vietnam, the war is actually known as the “American War” due to America’s deep involvement in the war efforts. More than two million North Vietnamese and Viet Cong fighters were killed during the span of the Vietnam War. Overall, the main cause for O’Brien’s opposition to the draft notice was that American involvement in Vietnam progressively became highly unpopular and overtime American citizens began to forget the reasons behind the war effort. Tim O’Brien was given a short notice and eventually forced to immediately leave his family in order to begin training and preparation for the war. The draft notice was a large
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