The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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Tim O’Brien effectively uses a literary medium to artistically portray the drastically altered realities of men whose lives have been impacted by the experiences of their loyal service to their country. Within the novel The Things They Carried, the reader is exposed to unknown taboo recollections of war tales in which the protagonist and sub characters cannot remove from memory. Moreover, The Things They Carried acts as a medium for the long kept emotional distress of the author and even the protagonist. Throughout the novel the protagonist expresses the perpetual need to share his surreptitious memories and relive his experiences as a soldier in the war as a form of cleansing from the events of the past and a need to conform to traditional societal activities. The brilliant novelist, Tim O’Brien, judiciously utilizes the Vietnam War era to emphasize the significant impacts of physical and emotional burdens on the everyday lives of war veterans in the novel, The Things They Carried. The author of the novel, Tim O’Brien, was born in Austin, Minnesota on October 1, 1946. O’Brien grew up the in the city of Worthington. While attending Macalester College, he became student body president and graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of political science in the year of 1968. Shortly after graduating from Macalester College, Tim O’Brien received a draft notice for service in the Vietnam War, a war in which he personally opposed. After participating in the Vietnam…
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