The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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Trouble without a doubt is what First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried around his shoulders because he was out in war, where mistakes happen. Lost and unknown of his surroundings he had to lead his men into safety, while destroying anything they found. First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross only holds onto one thing for hope and that is Martha, the woman who he hopes is a virgin to come back to. Tim O’ Brien introduces symbolism by adding a character that has a meaning of purity and a pebble, which symbolizes a meaning of separate but together. In the story, “The Things They Carried”, Tim O’ Brien clearly organizes every detail and puts it into perspective, like how he mentions the soldiers carrying things that comfort them. One person he mentions in the story is Martha. He is very curious to find out if she is a virgin or not. The obsession of virginity means he wanted something pure to come back from battle. Usually someone who is out in war comes back with Post traumatic stress or with other problems and want something pure to help them forget the horrifying images of war. Holding on to that hope of Martha is probably the only thing that is keeping First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross from dying or giving up. There are many themes in the story, which are, memory, death, and storytelling, each of these themes play a huge part and so does the symbolism. Tim O’ Brien is the narrator of the story and also the protagonist. He mentions that every soldier not only carries physical items but
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