The Things They Carried Essay

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Christian Hernandez Professor Sarah Cantrell English 1102 “The Things They Carried”: Emotional side The story of "The Things They Carried" written by Tim O’Brien gives a good outlook on how the Soldiers feel and think during the war . The story describes the different things that the soldiers carry with them while at war. O’Brien talks about the different items in great detail such as weight, color, shape and size but he also gives extraordinary details about not only their personalities, but even more about their emotions with the personal things they carried with them. Every single object that the men carry when they go to war plays an emotional touch in their lives. There are certain things that they carried…show more content…
"I keep that in my pocket, just to get me through."” (Koppel 2003). “"I've got a teddy bear my wife sent to me for Valentine's Day," a big man with a soft voice says, sharing the lucky charm that he keeps safe from the sand in a zip-lock bag. The little brown bear holds a heart stitched with gold x's and o's. "Hugs and kisses," the soldier says, as trucks gear up in the desert beside him” (Koppel 2003). Not only Lieutenant Cross or the soldiers in the story “The Things They Carried” share these similarities but perhaps all the soldiers in the world share it when it comes to emotional feelings related with a personal thing. They take these memorable and meaningful things with them that perhaps for some people is nothing big, but for them, it is basically their life and like a fellow soldier mention, just to get them through. Not only have those things played an emotional feeling in the soldiers live but also a little bit of their background. Out of all the sacrifices that the soldiers make, the cultural side also plays a huge part. They have to do things that they are not used to such as taking a shower with cold water or even not taking a shower for days. Also, eating can food or different types of food that they are not familiar with. O’Brian takes you to a whole new level when he describes the necessary things they carry “ Among the necessities or
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