The Things They Carried The Weight Of Life Essay

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The Weight of Life
“They carried the sky. The whole atmosphere, they carried it, the humidity, the monsoons, the stink of fungus and decay, all of it, they carried gravity,” (O’Brien 114). The Things They Carried follows army men as they endure the hardships of battle. Through the story, we are introduced to the characters by what they carry with them. Each object reveals continuously more about the characters that ultimately brings us to an understanding of who they are. The use of objects in this story relates well with my life. By looking at what I carry, it can be determined who I am. May it be a driver’s license, style choice, or even the way one carries himself; it can be determined (at least roughly) who someone is. However, it is the meaning behind what we carry that truly defines who we are. Tangible or intangible, what we carry tells our individual story
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I personally relate well to a specific portion of this story. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried a pebble with him everywhere he went. It may seem absurd to carry a pebble while at war… what’s the use, right? However, he carried more than just a pebble; he carried his love for Martha through that seemingly useless rock. I too carried an object like that pebble: something seemingly useless. I acquired a green wrist band while with my good friend. This was one of the last times I spoke to her. From that day on, I wore the green wrist band every minute of every hour for two years. Although I cared very much for her, the feelings only went in one direction. Every time I looked down at the green band it reminded me of her. One day the green wrist band finally snapped… but I wasn’t sad. When it gave out it was almost like closure for me. When the small weight of that band was lifted from my wrist, an even larger weight was lifted from my heart. I looked down at the fractured band, smiled, and threw it
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