The Thinking Rat, By Oskar Pineno

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After reading The Thinking Rat, by Oskar Pineno I learned that the rat is much more than just an absent-minded rodent. The rat is actually a purpose driven animal whose behaviors intend to get the most from what the surrounding environment has to offer. (Pineno, 2010, p.106) These behaviors are driven by some surprisingly complex and interesting mental abilities. Two of these mental abilities I find most interesting are causal reasoning and metacognition. I am pairing these two mental abilities because together they take down the traditional view of them being an animal that automatically reacts without thinking to stimuli. (Pineno, 2010, p.105) Before I explain how they work together let me explain them individually.
The mental ability of causal reasoning is significant on its own because once we knew rats have the ability to understand causal relations it was revealed they can also self diagnose events caused by their own actions from events caused from external sources. This revealed rats’ actions have purpose with an intended certain outcome. (Pineno, 2010, p. 95)
Metacognition refers to thinking about thinking. The book describes Foote and Crystal’s experiment and its famous results. The results observed from their studies of the “choice test” uncovered that rats like humans can identify their cognitive ability. In other words “ The knew when they knew.” (Pineno, 2010, p.104) This knowledge of mental limits and knowing what they know is very significant.
Although alone…

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