The Third And Final Continent : The Migration And Mobility

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THE THIRD AND FINAL CONTINENT: The Migration and Mobility Essay The third and final continent is an excellent story about the self about one man 's internal "migration" journey as he settles into his new circumstances. The main character under goes a “migration" in three key aspect of his life and personality throughout the short story; his ability to socialize and to empathize; as well as the level of respect he has for his marriage. What the reader learns as they follow the narrator Along His journey is both enlightening and inspiring. As the journey progresses the reader chance to ponder the question “What does it mean to migrate?” The narrator 's socialization is a slow process. Mrs. Croft is the narrator 's first friend in the United States. Mrs. Croft is a woman who lives outside of the world that he is normally accustomed to. Just at the idea of man going to the moon is a concept that had lived outside of Mrs. Croft 's world. In the follow passage there you see that the narrator cares for Mrs. Croft because even though she found their interactions awkward and endless continues to have them also the narrator does not have the heart to tell Mrs. Croft that there is no longer a flag standing on the on the moon because it is something she is excited about. The passage says: Within days it became our routine…each evening when I returned the same thing happened: she slapped the bench, ordered me to sit down, declared that there was a flag on the moon, and declared that it
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