The Third Artefact For My Portfolio

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The third artefact for my portfolio was Assignment 3 in course Mdde 605, titled: Globe Driving Academy Business Plan. Its purpose was to identify a business structure from the strategic plan and multi-year strategic goals and to reflect the potential for growth. Students were expected to include financial plans and a balanced scorecard reflecting and measuring an organization’s success. This 43-page document covered everything from Business visions, motivation product services, marketing schemes, governance process, to the Financial Plan for a for-profit company which was going to implement e-learning as the next major step to stand out in the industry. Competencies and Reflection The assignment itself was lengthy and took me a very long time to complete it. Not having a background in business the most challenging part was doing research on a projected financial plan. It was with a help of a charted accountant that I was able to accomplish this with actual numbers from my workplace so all the information is based on true numbers. He taught me how to gather information on company 's projected sales, factors contributing to losses, projected profit, and comparing with actual profit. This way, it is possible to predict of it is worth investing before investing and starting new projects in the company. In the end, I was pleased with the final product despite the frustration of reading multiple business plans, tackling the numbers and understating the swot (strengths,
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