The Third Condition For The Stability Of Democracy

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The third condition for the stability of democracies is Freedom of speech (Schofield 31). Freedom of speech must exist in a democracy for stability to prevail. The absence of that is a rise of political problems. Whereas the freedom allows every individual in the country to have his or her opinion on how the country should be led, when they begin threatening the leadership it is a matter of peace disturbance, and they are liable for prosecution. Through it, there are many complaints that will arise from both the leadership and citizenry fraternities. Countries that lack the financial muscle to employ political scientists who give the knowledge and research findings on the best policies to implement in order to push the country forward can…show more content…
It also leads to mutual concessions between supporters and opponents, resulting in institutional trust (Lecture notes). Freedom of speech is a prerogative for democratic stability. Indeed, it is one of the reasons for the progress that democracies have. The fourth condition for stability of democracies is multiple political debates on the best ways to move forward and to progress the country. Democracies must allow conflicting ideas from various parties on how to deal with problems that the nation is facing (Schofield 68). For example, when the country begins to have Agency problems or the agency costs begin to spiral out of control, the incumbent leaders must allow for free debates about the underlying factors affecting the country. In this, the elected politicians might begin to divert the resources into implementation of policies that are their preferences and not voter preferences (Lecture notes). The debates can properly trigger the implementation of reliable solutions for this. In many democracies, the solutions are in most cases are indecisive, which lead to compromise from all the debating parties or leaders, resulting in innovative ways on how to solve a particular problem. Democracies avoid unfavorable outcomes when it comes to implementation of public policies that are not agreed upon by representatives in the country. The solutions for the various problems facing
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