The Third Largest Cause Of Suicide In Teen Years

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During the ripening age of teen years, many people feel lonely or useless in the world. In some cases, these feelings can end abruptly after the child takes their own life. Teen suicide went from being almost nonexistent in the 1960s to being the third largest cause of death in teens today. The statistics of youth suicide are heartbreaking. In the past 25 years, suicides in girls ages 10-14 is up 76% and 32% in girls 15-19. Although girls attempt suicide more often than boys, it’s the boys who have more success. In addition to this, suicide in boys ages 15-19 is up 9%. According to the CDC, this is the biggest spike in over 15 years. While it may not be the whole reason why, the changing society and the oblivious nature of those around
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