The Third-Leading Cause Of Suicide

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Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for 15-24 year olds. Nearly 60% of suicides in the United States are committed with a gun. Overdose using over-the-counter, prescription, and nonprescription medicine is also a very common method for suicide. In 2001 there were 400,000 emergency room visits, 30,622 deaths, 16,869 firearm suicides, 6,198 suffocation suicides, and 5,191 poisoning suicides. Suicide is committed because some people are depressed, they use firearms and overdosing on drugs to commit their suicide.

The most common mental illness is depression. Untreated depression can increase the risk of possible suicide. Up to 15% of people who are depressed die from suicide. Over 90% of the people who die from suicide are depressed.
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