The Third Standard : Sixth Grade Section

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For the kindergarten through fifth grade section, the first standard focuses on locomotor skills, non-locomotors skills, and manipulatives (Arizona Department of Education, 2016). The second standard focuses on movement concepts and alignment (Arizona Department of Education, 2016). The third concept focuses on physical activity knowledge, fitness knowledge, assessment/program planning, and nutrition (Arizona Department of Education, 2016). The fourth standard emphasizes personal responsibility, accepting feedback, working with others, rules/fair play, and safety. Lastly, the fifth standard highlights health, challenge, self-expression/enjoyment, and social interaction (Arizona Department of Education, 2016). For the sixth grade through…show more content…
Finally, the fifth standard focuses on health, challenge, self-expression/enjoyment, and social interaction (Arizona Department of Education, 2016). Although all of the schools have to follow these basic standards, each school portrays them in their own way. An example of each school expressing them in their own way can be seen in the Catalina Foothills School District in Pima County. The Catalina Foothills School District (CFSD) offers health and physical education classes to each of it’s elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. The only eligibility requirement for these classes is that you have to be a student in one of the schools that correlates with this district. The CFSD has created physical education standards, based off of the Arizona Department of Education’s standards, that children in kindergarten to seniors in high school have to follow. In total, there are five standards and the goal is to help students gain knowledge on health so that they can enjoy a lifetime of healthiness and inspire others to do the same (CFSD Physical Education, 2014). Each group of schools, elementary, middle, and high schools, there is a different expected outcome. For elementary schools, the expected outcome is that the children will know the benefits of an active lifestyle, they will have skill maturity, and demonstrate fundamental motor skills (CFSD Physical Education, 2014). For the middle schools, they focus on the student utilizing knowledge,
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