The Third Week Of Fall : A Short Story

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It was technically the third week of fall, but that didn’t matter. It was always hot on the earth. After most left the earth in those flying rocks, nothing had been the same. The earth had become hotter. The surface went from flourishing to desolate with the push of a button.They scavenged for food the best they could, but they knew the earth couldn’t support them for long. It had been a hundred years, and the earth wasn’t getting better. She knew. This world was gone, dead. Everyone pretended that somehow they would all be ok, but she knew.They would die soon. They had hope. She didn’t know what true hope felt like. She wish she could have hope but it was impossible.
It was a normal day they were searching the barren wasteland for maybe a
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Lindsey dragged on at the back of the pack dragging the unconscious boy. As they got back to their base. Many gave her stares for bringing back the boy.She brought him to the hospital ward which was a small room with two beds for the injured.Luckily enough for her only one was taken.As she flopped him on the bed she was greeted by the nurse
“How are you dear?”Asked the nurse in a quite loud voice.
“I’m ok i guess.”
“What do we have here?” she asked looking down at the boy.The sheets were already starting to get red from the blood.
“I found him out in the sands.”
“Well let's see if we can clean him up then.” They quickly went to work. His back had scars all along it. You would have thought he got them from the rocks, but it hadn’t been long enough. Nobody normal scarred in an hour. They changed his sheets,cleaned the blood off his back, and got him into another bed so the one they had used could be used on other injured. She watched the boy, he had very light skin. If he had been in the sun he would be blindingly white.She chuckled a bit at the thought. She slowly remembered the look her father had given her when he saw the boy. It was new. Disappointment. It was a mix of disgust and anger.But, also sadness. She had always been just what her father wanted. Just what their little underground town needed. She had never seen it before.And she hated it. She wished she could go back and just leave the boy. She
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