The Thought Of Owning Or Bringing Home A Cute Adorable

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The thought of owning or bringing home a cute adorable puppy, or kitten, for the first time can be an emotional and exciting time for families. Most pets, while they are young, receive lots of love and attention from children and their owners, but what happens when the pets grow and get older? Not every pet is brought to or born into a responsible home. Some pets that are no longer wanted, are left behind or dumped out of town because it is "easier" than finding them a new home. According to PETA, 6 million cats and dogs enter an animal shelter every year in the United States, pets that are abandoned. The city of Raymondville TX, needs to open a local animal shelter to help prevent animal abandonment and the over population of pets and…show more content…
That a lot of kitties! Dogs will have 4 the 1st year, 12 the 2nd year, and 36 the 3rd year (SPCA). This also depends on the size and breed of the dog; large dogs can carry more puppies. So, it’s important to have pets spayed and neutered, at least after 2 litters. According to Hill County Paw Pals, “the root of pet overpopulation stems for irresponsible people who allow their pets to remain unsterilized, run at large, and to breed at will.” Lately, Raymondville has had an increase of strays, mostly dogs that roam around from house to house. It used to be just out of town where people would leave or dump their dogs, puppies, old dogs, and pregnant female dogs. It’s unfortunate that some owners feel they cannot provide, or find, pets a new home, and thus throw them away. Right now, there is nothing being done to the irresponsible owners and the abandoned dogs. The local dog catcher can only hold up to 8 dogs which are given 3 days to be claimed or they will be put down to make room for other dogs. The local veterinarian, Dr. Pickard, passed away 3 years ago. He was the number one guy the locals would turn to for vaccinations and general surgeries. Now residents must go to Harlingen or farther to get their pets vaccinated and taken care of. That being said, it would help to have a local animal shelter or the cooperation of

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